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wonderland kipufogódob 1¾" hangtompító

10.175 Ft (8.012 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: DCK-01-0087
Elérhetőség: készleten


The "Wonderland" exhaust pipe baffle reduces loud noise from the mufflers to a dump and powerful sound. Besides optimizing the sound quality it is perfectly finished, nearly undestructable and carefully zinc-plated. "Wonderland" is also the perfect baffle for individual sound experiments ? for example by drilling additional holes or using damping material. The baffle is made of steel and can easiliy be pluged into the pipe. It must be fixed to the pipe with a small screw before mounting the muffler. 

"Wonderland" fits 1¾ inch (44 to 45 mm) exhaust pipes like on many Harley-Davidson® models and other brands. It comes with a 41 mm diameter. The offer contains one item.