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thorcat bigshots 2-2 kipufogó - 18-20 Softail 107/114

750.060 Ft (590.598 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: THR-948418
Elérhetőség: külső raktáron



Vance & Hines manufactured exhaust that is modified to EC regulations with an EC / ABE approved cartridge baffles and catalytic converters. This makes the Thorcat a 100% legal exhaust system. Big Shots Staggered offer classic Hot Rod styling with unsurpassed levels of torque thanks to the hidden Vance & Hines Power Chamber crossover. Plus, with full-length 2.5” diameter heat shields as standard, these Big Shots Staggered look as good as they sound! Note: Comes with 18mm O2 threads, includes 12mm conversion inserts and sensor-hole plug set so exhaust will fit all model years. Note: Euro 4 certified exhaust. Wiith EC / ABE approved non-removable cartridge baffle and catalytic converters. - What is a Thorcat exhaust system? Thorcat are original Vance & Hines exhaust systems that have been modified by replacing the original baffle with a Thorcat EC / ABE approved cartridge baffle, and a catalytic converter is added too. These changes result in an exhaust system that is 100% street-legal, and EC and ABE (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis) approved - With a Thorcat you get the excellent manufacturing quality of Vance & Hines and a smile on your face when you get pulled over, safe in the knowledge that your exhaust is legal throughout the European Union. - What exactly is changed? For Euro 4 systems the original Vance & Hines baffle is replaced by a Thorcat EC approved cartridge baffle and a catalytic converter is added too. The cartridge baffles and catalytic converters are welded in place and are non-removable. For what bikes is the approval valid? The EC / ABE certification is valid for unmodified stock bikes, for the specific models and model years as mentioned in the product descriptions. Registering your Thorcat? Every Thorcat exhaust, and the individual components used for approval, come with a unique serial number. You must provide the bike's VIN number (frame number) to register your exhaust system in the Thorcat register; a document on how to do this is included. Once registered, you will receive a Thorcat ID card that can be used to prove the legality of your exhaust system.

Fits: > 18-20 Softail 107/114 (excl. FLFB/S Fatboy, FXBR/S Breakout, FXDRS)