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S&S 93 KN-Series Alternator/Generator motorblokk - 70-99 Shovel / Evo Big Twin

Cikkszám: SS-93-KN
Elérhetőség: külső raktáron



With FHP420 cam & 8.2 compression ratio. This 'Kone' engine comes with an alternator crankcase which is adaptable with all 70-99 Shovel & Evo B.T. transmissions and primary covers. The S&S KN-series (Knucklehead) engines come very close to the original but it is not a replica engine. A a number of improvements/changes were made. It comes with 48-99 engine mounts and will not fit OEM Knuckle frames. A later, 58-65, style flywheel assembly is used, with the splined sprocket shaft and a Timken sprocket shaft bearing for increased strength. Therefore a 54-65 style tin primary and motorsprocket must be used. Rocker arm cover 'tins' are also improved over stock. The lower covers are made of die-cast aluminum, and instead of being held in place by the valve guide, they are held down by valve spring pressure. A special gasket on the bottom of the lower 'tin' provides a good seal and easier access for servicing, since the valve guides do not need to be pressed out in order to remove the lower covers. Instead of the steel brazed-in hard oil return lines used on stock tins, S&S has improved oil line design for better reliability, access and assembly. Engines come completely assembled and ready to run with an S&S pre-set Superstock single fire ignition system and S&S Super E carburetor. Note: Crankcases come with 48-99 engine mounts and will not fit OEM Knucklehead frames.