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wera joker open/box end racsnis kulcskészlet - colos


Wera Ratcheting Wrench Set Joker Open/Box End - US Sizes

US sizes. 8-piece set. Incl. 8 wrenches with an open end on one side and a ratcheting box end on the other side, with identical sizes on both ends. Packed in a robust textile pouch with hook and loop on the rear side. Color coded for size. When everything fails, it's time to play your Joker. - Open end. The Joker has a non-angled 12-point beak, therefore it requires just 30° of working space, otherwise it functions just like a regular open end wrench. The dark metal plate dual functions as a retainer, preventing the nut to slip through the wrench beak or it holds the nut. 30° further the metal retainer plate allows the nut to slide through, or grip it since the metal plate is equipped with a hardened ragged edge. The teeth of this edge will 'bite' itself into a rounded-off nut, loosening it where others do nothing but slip-off. - Box end. The box end head is angled at 15° from the handle. Comes with a switch for ratcheting direction and a very fine 80 tooth ratchet for a small 4.5° return angle. Set includes. Size: 5/16" Overall length: 144mm. Size: 3/8" Overall length: 159mm. Size: 7/16" Overall length: 165mm. Size: 1/2" Overall length: 177mm. Size: 9/16" Overall length: 188mm. Size: 5/8" Overall length: 212mm. Size: 11/16" Overall length: 235mm. Size: 3/4" Overall length: 246mm.

Fits: > 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4" bolts and nuts

SKU: 581748
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