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sp moto bundle okostelefon tartó - iphone xr



The Moto Bundle is a cleverly designed complete smartphone carrying system. It allows attachment and removal of the phone from your motorcycle, in a second with simple 90 degree 'Twist to Lock' action. Mounts in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The phone is installed in a thin but strong and protective 3-layers construction carrying case (phone case) for daily use that allows using all buttons, ports and retains wireless charging functionality. The CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum mounting bracket (Moto Mount Pro) has an angled arm that allows positioning the screen directly, allowing 360° rotation, in front of you for an unobstructed view and easy access. The connection between the up to -40% vibration reducing bracket and phone is sturdy and will not come loose. The included special touch screen friendly Weather Cover can be used for a watertight protection against moisture and sand, if desired. Fits handlebar diameters from 7/8" (22mm) to 1.25" (31.8mm). Comes with stainless hardware. The Moto Bundle includes: phone case, weather cover, moto mount pro, 3 x plastic spacing inserts, 1 x stand tool, 1 x micronail adhesive. Note: Use of screen protectors in combination with the Weather Cover may obstruct touch screen functionality. Note: See other SP Connect™ accessories for additional mounting options.

Note: Use of the Weather Cover may obstruct functionality of the home button of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus. This can be compensated by installing Assistive Touch.

SKU: 580198
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