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Shido Multi Battery 12V/24V DC 25.0 akkumulátor töltő

Shido Multi Battery 12V/24V DC 25.0 akkumulátor töltő



Will charge 12V & 24V lead-acid, AGM and Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Designed to auto-detect each battery type and will select correct 5-12.5 (for 24V batteries) and 5-12.5-25A (for 12V batteries) charge cycles to maximize battery life. Can be used as trickle charger. Complete with integrated power supply enabling a no-data loss battery change. Lithium batteries are equipped with a BMS that in some cases can prevent the start of the charging cycle, the 'forced charge' UVP (Under Voltage Protection) unlock function is used to unlock these Lithium batteries. Compatible with motorcycle up to truck batteries. - Backlit digital graphic display - Power supply voltage 220-240V - Reverse polarity protection - Spark protection - Recovery function for flat batteries - Frequency 50-60Hz - Rated current (min-max) 5-12.5-25Ah for 12V batteries - Rated current (min-max) 5-12.5Ah for 24V batteries - Charging and testing stages 9 - Battery voltage 12V - 24V - Charge capacity 5Ah ÷ 550Ah - Maintenance capacity 5Ah ÷ 800Ah - Memory saving feature 13.8V - IP20 splash and dust proof for indoor use - Size 260 x 130 x 75mm - Weight 2.5 Kg

SKU: 932958
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