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Shido Dual 12V DC 4.0 akkumulátor töltő

Shido Dual 12V DC 4.0 akkumulátor töltő



With EU wall plug. Will charge 12V & 6V lead-acid, AGM and Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Selectable 1A or 4A charging. With digital screen. Can be used as trickle charger. - Specific AGM mode for sealed batteries - Digital screen with live voltage reading - Hook attachment - Suitable for 6V and 12V batteries - 1A and 4A selectable charge - Clear split between Lithium and lead-acid charging modes and algorithms - Battery Recovery for deeply discharged batteries - Battery health check after charging - Maintaining mode, with 4 hour intervals voltage checks - Protected against reverse polarity, overcharging, overcurrent, overheating and short-circuits - User friendly detection for reverse polarity, low-voltage or damaged batteries - IP 65 splash and dust proof for outdoor use - Adjusts for varying A/C line voltage and delivers consistent charging current - 8 step lead acid charging - 7-step Lithium charging - Input: 220-240V AC 50-60Hz - Output: 6V or 12V 1A or 4A DC - Dimensions: 210 x 87 x 50mm - Weight: 0.6 kg - IP rating: IP 65 - Battery: 4-80 Ah > Charge, 4 - 120 Ah > Maintenance

SKU: 932959
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