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kuplungkábel 58" (147CM) - króm - 86-21 XL/ 08-12 XR1200

46.000 Ft (36.220 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: MPR-938985
Elérhetőség: külső raktáron



High efficiency clutch cable. This Motorcycle Storehouse control cable comes in a 'chrome' finish, with a braided stainless steel outer cable, with a clear protective coating, and chrome fittings. Oversize or undersize lengths (longer/shorter than standard) is not given since many different standard lengths exist. Instead they is available in a range of custom lengths to best suit your stock or custom application. Note: Dimensions as given are outer cable length, which includes the adjuster placed at 20-3/4" (53cm) from the bottom of the cable. Note: Just measure the required length. Make sure to turn the handlebar to a full left & right stop, before you determine the correct length for your application. Note: Lengths mentioned are approximate and for reference only.

Fits: > 86-21 all XL; 08-12 XR1200