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Intact GHD14HL-BS HVT-03 Bike-Power zselés akkumulátor - 15-20 Street/ 04-20 Sportster/ 09-10 1125

78.057 Ft
Cikkszám: CCE-919318
Elérhetőség: érdeklődj


Intact GHD14HL-BS HVT-03 Bike-Power Gel Battery - 15-20 Street/ 04-20 Sportster/ 09-10 1125

The heavy-duty bundle of energy copes well with the strongest road shocks and engine vibrations from Harleys or other large-displacement bikes and also starts two-wheelers with a high demand for electrical energy (e.g. with ABS).

  • Perfect for Harleys and other high displacement 2-cylinder engines
  • Highest cold currents
  • For two-wheelers with high energy requirements, e.g. ABS safety technology
  • Extremely vibration resistant, plate packs compressed and accurately fitted in the battery box
  • Robust housing made of impact-resistant plastic for heavy mechanical stresses
  • Leak-proof, can be installed at any angle, electrolyte bound as gel
  • Absolutely maintenance-free