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zard 2-1 M8 kipufogó rendszer - 20-21 FXLRS Low Rider S 114
  • zard 2-1 M8 kipufogó rendszer - 20-21 FXLRS Low Rider S 114

    1 776,00€Ár

    ZARD, 2-1 FULL fekete kipufogó M8. MATTE fekete

    Euro 4 homologated. Comes a with 1000°C resistant matte fekete Cerakote ceramic coating. The OEM system weighs 11kg. This Zard short lightweight performance 2-1 system comes in at just just 5.7kg., about half the weight! Performance & style all in one homologated package offering you a ride without hassle from the men in blue. Note: Compatible with OEM footpegs when using footpeg spacers MCS 974916. Note: A header hőpajzs szett is optionally available as MCS 974917. Note: This is a EU homologated kipufogó system. Removing or modifying the Db killer on homologated kipufogós will void the warranty és the homologation. Certification is valid for unmodified stock bikes, for the specific models és model years as mentioned in the product descriptions (Directive 97/24/CE, EU regulation 134/2014). The approval number, shown on the supplied relevant certificate, is stamped on every kipufogó system és it must be presented to law enforcement when checked. Note: See 973638 for the racing version of this system, without homologation.

    Fits: > Homologated for: 20-21 FXLRS Low Rider S 114. Fits but NOT homologated for: 18-23 M8 Softail (excl. 18-23 FLFB, FLFBS Fat Boy & 18-23 FXBR, FXBRS Breakout)

    Cikkszám: 973639
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