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vance & hines Pro Pipe CPX 2-1 kipufogó - 17-23 M8 Touring
  • vance & hines Pro Pipe CPX 2-1 kipufogó - 17-23 M8 Touring

    1 700,00€Ár

    VANCE & HINES, PRO PIPE 2-1 PCX kipufogó. fekete

    matt fekete ceramic coated finish. The name says it all. The Vance & Hines Pro Pipe is the ultimate in performance for your Harley-Davidson Big Twin, period. With over twenty years of evolution in the Pro Pipe, it has all the ingredients for making power; stepped headers, an overMÉRETd collector és hosszú megaphone kipufogódob. The latest generation Pro Pipe now features the innovative PCX™ technology, which integrates a chambered magas-flow catalyst in the megaphone for a bigger boost in torque és the boneshaking roar of a drag bike racing down the strip. - PCX™ (Power Chamber kipufogó) technology - Chambered magas-flow catalyst cartridge designed to increase torque - Stepped headers és overMÉRET collector - 49-State Emissions Compliant. Vance & Hines innovative PCX™ Technology: More Power & Less Heat. The PCX™ (Power Chamber kipufogó) Technology are factually chambered magas-flow catalysts. Used to increase mid-range torque for more responsive acceleration off the line. They are positioned downstream for up to 20% less heat at the floorboards / footpegs és 50% less heat at the collector, to optimize rider comfort over the stock rendszer. PCX™ technology uses a magas-flow double-matrix catalyst that improves torque delivery through the mid-range for more responsive acceleration. All while producing an even deeper full-throated rumble, all with no compromise to the styling of any Vance & Hines kipufogó rendszer. Tech-Tip: Pre-2021 USA kipufogódobs on a 2021-up Softail/Touring? The FuelPak FP4 (part number 942227) allows you to disable the 2nd. O2 sensor in the kipufogódob, or in the balance pipe of the cross-over section, without triggering trouble codes. This will enable you to use kipufogó kipufogódobs for earlier/US models that are not equipped with an O2 sensor connection.

    Fits: > 17-23 M8 Touring (excl. models with stretched saddlebags, FLTRXS, FLTKRSE, all Trikes)

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