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vance & hines FP4 állítható üzemanyag befecskendezés - Softail/ Touring/ Trikes

vance & hines FP4 állítható üzemanyag befecskendezés - Softail/ Touring/ Trikes



The latest in digital communication with your bike's fuel injection system is done via bluetooth with your smartphone, either ésroid or iPhone. Used to recalibrate the OEM fuel map with flash technology. The OEM fuel map will be stored in the FP4 so the ECU can always be returned to OEM factory condition. The FP4 features an all-new circuit board, case, firmware, és app, all designed és manufactured in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The new hardware is slimmer és smaller than the previous generation’s electronics for installation in even in even tighter places. The slightly hosszúer wiring harness will allow more installation options. The LEDs on the unit are simplified for a more intuitive understésing of the actions between the Vance & Hines FP4 és your bike. The new Vance & Hines FP4 App is easier to use és faster than ever before. The new rider interface makes navigating the app a breeze és the new navigation bar allows you to access the Main Menu, Live Sensor Data, System Info, és Customer Support Menus from anywhere within the FP4 App. The Live Data screen has also been reworked with a new look és an extra gauge, so you can see more data. The all-new Performance Log feature brings another level of control és insight. Select from three data logging szetttings to control how hosszú you want to record, go for a ride, then dig into your data with the ride-activated chart. From the chart, you can pinch-zoom in on your data, select a point, és look at any available sensor’s values from your ride. This exciting new tool can be used for everything from diagnostic purposes to creating dyno charts. The Performance Data feature will also use your phone’s onboard GPS to map out és record that same ride, allowing you to see just how hosszú that route took you to teljes, your 0-60 time on that one stretch of road, or how fast you took that hairpin turn. The same level of detail és expertise went into creating new maps for the 2021 Harley-Davidson Touring és Softail models. Riders will be able to select from a vast library of Vance & Hines maps, made for their specific model, with real parts on real bikes, in their Santa Fe Springs, CA dyno-tuning facility. Riders will be able to further modify és develop those maps through a number of customization options found in the Vance & Hines FP4 App. - New FP4 hardware is smaller és thinner than the previous generation FuelPak - The unit’s LEDs have been simplified so you know exactly what’s going on between the FP4 és your motorcycle - Built from the ground up ésroid és iPhone apps feature a new rider interface és are easier to navigate és use than ever before - Live Data in the FP4 App has been upgraded with a whole new look, és an additional gauge to track more crucial data while you ride - All new Performance Data feature allows you to record your ride, look at all available sensors in the created chart, és see a map of your ride recorded with your phone’s onboard GPS. Note: Once the FP4 is used on a bike it is 'mated' to that specific OEM ECU. You will not be able to use the same FP4 on another bike. The OEM fuel map is stored in the FP4, therefore the ECU can always be returned to the OEM factory szett-up. Note: The FuelPak FP4 allows you to disable the 2nd. O2 sensor, without triggering trouble codes. This will enable you to use kipufogó kipufogódobs of earlier models that are not equipped with an O2 sensor connection.

Fits: > 21-22 Softail, Touring, Trikes (excl. 21-22 CVO models)

Csak versenypályára, versenyre, veterán és oldtimer építésekhez, valamint motorkerékpár gyűjteményekre!!!

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