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vance & hines 2-1/2" Big Radius 2-2 kipufogó - 17-23 Touring
  • vance & hines 2-1/2" Big Radius 2-2 kipufogó - 17-23 Touring

    1 175,00€Ár

    VANCE & HINES, 2-1/2" BIG RADIUS 2-2 kipufogó. fekete

    matt fekete ceramic. Streamlined curves, that never seem to end, looks that demés a second glance. Like all Vance & Hines pipes the Big Radius comes with full dekniage 2 1/2" diameter plasma cut hőpajzss that preserve the 'new' look és will virtually eliminate visible blueing. Power, torque és the signature Hot-Rod sound are all included. Baffles are removable. Note: See 981797 for replacement baffle. Note: See 558779 for optional quiet baffle. Tech-Tip: Pre-2021 USA kipufogódobs on a 2021-up Touring? The FuelPak FP4 (part number 942227) allows you to disable the 2nd. O2 sensor in the kipufogódob, or in the balance pipe of the cross-over section, without triggering trouble codes. This will enable you to use kipufogó kipufogódobs for earlier/US models that are not equipped with an O2 sensor connection.

    Fits: > 17-23 Touring

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