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thorcat bigshots 2-2 kipufogó - 91-05 Softail
  • thorcat bigshots 2-2 kipufogó - 91-05 Softail

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    THORCAT-V&H, Big Shots 2-2 kipufogó. fekete

    Vance & Hines manufactured kipufogó that is modified to EC regulations with an EC / ABE approved cartridge baffle. This makes the Thorcat a 100% legal kipufogó system. Big Shots Staggered offer classic Hot Rod styling with unsurpassed levels of torque thanks to the hidden Vance & Hines Power Chamber crossover. Plus, with full-length 2.5” diameter hőpajzss as stésard, these Big Shots Staggered look as good as they sound! Note: Comes with 18mm O2 threads, includes 12mm conversion inserts és sensor-hole plug szett so kipufogó will fit all model years. Note: Euro 1 és 2 certified kipufogó comes with an EC / ABE approved non-removable baffle. - What is a Thorcat kipufogó system? Thorcat are original Vance & Hines kipufogó systems that have been modified by replacing the original baffle with a Thorcat EC / ABE approved cartridge baffle, és in some cases a catalytic converter is added too. These changes result in an kipufogó system that is 100% street-legal, és EC és ABE (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis) approved - With a Thorcat you get the excellent manufacturing quality of Vance & Hines és a smile on your face when you get pulled over, safe in the knowledge that your kipufogó is legal throughout the European Union. - What exactly is changed? For Euro 1 és 2 systems the original Vance & Hines baffle is replaced by a Thorcat EC approved cartridge baffle. The cartridge baffles are welded in place és are non-removable. - For what bikes is the approval valid? The EC / ABE certification is valid for unmodified stock bikes, for the specific models és model years as mentioned in the product descriptions. - Registering your Thorcat? Every Thorcat kipufogó, és the individual components used for approval, come with a unique serial number. You must provide the bike's VIN number (frame number) to register your kipufogó system in the Thorcat register; a document on how to do this is included. Once registered, you will receive a Thorcat ID card that can be used to prove the legality of your kipufogó system.

    Fits: > 91-05 Softail

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