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taylor thundervolt 8.2mm gyertyakábel - 00-17 Softail/99-17 Dyna



Black wires with gold lettering. Plug & coil boots are black. Includes 18" and 7" wires with 90° plug boots and 180° (straight) coil boots. According to Taylor these are the best spark plug wires money can buy. Made of a 40 Ohm/ft. Ferrite spiral core with a blend of copper nickel alloy which is bonded by a conductive acrylic cover. Feature two layers of pure Zimplex silicone for 600°F (315°C) heat protection. Excellent RFI and EMI suppression and compatible with most ignition systems and electronic components. Comes with 100% silicone plug boots with double spring locking spark plug terminals that will resist vibrations. Note: Compatible with all H-D ignitions. If you have an aftermarket ignition, please check with manufacturer's ohm requirements. For very high ohm ratings you can use Taylor's Carbon Core wire sets. For magnetos and point ignitions Taylor's metallic core wire sets are recommended.

Fits: > 00-17 Softail (excl. 08-11 FXCW/C; 11-13 FXS Blackline; 13-16 FXSB Breakout); 99-17 Dyna

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