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taylor 409 pro-race gyertyakábel - 99-08 FLT inj./04-06 XL



Includes two identical wires. 21" long with 180° (straight) plug boots and 180° (straight) coil boots. Ready to install spark plug cable set with a Spiro-Pro core with .409" Pro Race (10.44mm) diameter cables that feature a spiral wound core with 350 Ohm/ft. resistance for excellent EMI and RFI suppression. With a 3-layer silicone technique, consisting of a 10.4", an 8" and a pure silicone inner core. Layers are separated with a heat treated fiberglass woven mesh below the first layer and a fiberglass braid below the second layer for pull strength. Offers 600°F (315°C) continues heat protection. The plug boot is 100% pure silicone around a double spring locking terminal for a positive and vibration resistant connection to the spark plug. Note: Compatible with all Harley ignitions. If you have an aftermarket ignition, please check with manufacturer ohm requirement. For very high ohm ratings you can use Taylor's Carbon Core wire sets. For magnetos and point ignitions Taylor's metallic core wire sets are recommended.

Fits: > 99-08 FLT with inj; 04-06 XL (excl. 2004 XL 1200S)(NU)

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