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Scorpion Exo-Combat II sisak - matt fekete/White

Scorpion Exo-Combat II sisak - matt fekete/White



True Bad-ass is back! Loved by celebrities. The new EXO-Combat II, ECE R22.06 approved, is back with an even more aggressive design és radical look! Improved PASSZOL, enhanced noise-reduction és an optically improved sun plexi are just a few of the improvements over the previous EXO-Combat Bukósisak. The new 2-piece design allows the rider maximum airflow by converting to an open-face style bukósisak when needed. Attach the mask to teljes the aggressive ‘bad-ass’ look or just to add a little protection from debris, noise, és weather. KwikWick comfort liner features a moisture-wicking material that will keep you cool, dry, és comfortable during your ride. The EXO-Combat II not only represents a true evolution, but it also lays waste to all the wannabes who’ve tried to follow in the Original EXO-Combat’s wake!

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