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mmb ELT48 basic kilométeróra - 220 km/h - króm-fehér

mmb ELT48 basic kilométeróra - 220 km/h - króm-fehér



króm housing & első ring, white face plate. Comes with a LED lighted face, with the possibility to switch the backlight color between white, warm white, yellow, orange, red, green, turquoise, blue és magenta. Great to style match to the bike, other instruments or satisfy your changing taste. This 48mm Ultra-Mini speedometer is electronically driven és has a LCD to display total distance, trip counter (odometer), clock, ambient temperature és more. Available a fekete or white km/h or mp/h face in a króm or fekete housing. Originally designed for use on 94-up H-D models equipped with stock electronic transmission driven speedometers. Can be used in many custom applications since this electronic speedometer can be used with inductive és Hall-effect sensors with npn output but also Reed-sensors és induction sensors (VRS). The speedo can be manually calibrated by entering a known number of sensor pulses or automatically by riding a certain distance. You will need 1 push-button switch (included) to calibrate the speedo és to switch the LCD screen between distance, trip meter és clock. Integrated LED indicator lights include: Red warning light, Blue magas beam, Green neutral, Green turn signal. Connectors that fit the rear side of speedo are included as well. teljes with elaborate installation instructions. Note: A univerzális mounting bracket can be RENDELÉSed separately, when required, as 941078 (króm) or 941079 (fekete).

Fits: > Custom applications

Cikkszám: 916989
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