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Dynojet Power Commander V - Indian

246.100 Ft (193.780 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: DYN-936967
Elérhetőség: érdeklődj
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This fuel injection module works in conjunction with the stock ECU unit. No need for permanent changes. It will makethe fuel system and the ignition fully programmable. During cold start-up the Power Commander can read the exact engine temperature through the bike's own ECU,which allows the tuner to choose how much fuel to add for a given engine temperature. Big Inch modified bikes should be easier to start than ever.With a universal on/on toggle switch, or the Dynojet PCV MAP switch, it is now possible to switch between two fuel/timing maps, like for economical touring and racingor high octane and low octane fuel. The Gear/Speed input allows maps adjustments based on gear. The Analog input allows the tuner to install any 0-5 volt sensor andbuild an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature. The Power Commander can be tuned on a PC with an USB cable connection, no extra powersupply is required. Complete with software for tuning but ready made maps can be downloaded if preferred. Dimensions: 3-1/4"/83mm wide x 2-1/4"/57mm high. FEATURES - Compact design for discrete placement & easy uninstallation to revert to stock settings. - Vast library of tunes for any combination of aftermarket parts. - Easily change & upgrade tunes as you upgrade parts. - Comes with Power Core software that connects dyno runs with our EFI Tuning Devices to unlock your ride’s potential. - Upgradeable with additional features such as auto-tune and launch control (included on fuel and ignition models, available through the ignition module accessory on all other models). - Analog input which allows you to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature. - Easily connects to your computer via USB - Each cylinder can be mapped individually and for each gear, giving riders more granular control - Proudly made in the USA PIGGYBACK FUEL TUNER The Power Commander V is a unique EFI tuning device because it can monitor and maintain your air/fuel ratio without directly changing the ECU. To reinstate your stock settings, all you need to do is uninstall the device, and you’re done. UPGRADABLE POWER The Power Commander V is a powerful tuning device on its own, but what makes it a real powerhouse is the other compatible upgrades. From Ignition Modules for adjusting timing to Quickshifters and more, our Power Commander V is the first step for a full bike overhaul. POWERCORE SOFTWARE - UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL - PC-based. - Connects dynamometer runs with fuel tuners. - Adjusts/creates calibrations and map. CLEAR DISPLAYS Display and read your data in whatever form you need to get the best tune possible. PowerCore can stream your live data and display it as power cells or graphs for comparison and easy diagnostics. COMPARE YOUR DATA The C3 tuning software can store all of your data from your fuel tuner onto your computer and compare it side by side for even more insight into you performance. ADVANCED TUNING CAPABILITY The PowerCore software does far more than compare data. It helps you tune like never before. It can create maps with up to 30 throttle positions, designate target AFRs for each map cell, and map multiple cylinders simultaneously. You'll be the master of any machine in no time. CUSTOM TUNES Tunes are available for various engine combinations. Available for dowload on the Dynojet website. **Dynojet product not available to purchase by Dealers located in the UK**

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